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We specialize in Aerospace Assembly- ISO 9001:2008 / AS 9100:Rev. C Certified Company/ SBA Certified 

American Precision specializes in assembly of Aerospace and Mechanical components which include: 


Bearing installation, bushing installation, lee plug installation, threaded fasteners, inserts, precision assembly, bearing staking, bearing swaging, roller swaging, chisel staking, v-groove bearing staking, riveting, structural aerospace assembly, proof- load testing, lanyards and lock wire/safety wire assemblies.

We are experts in the following:

  • Bearing installation, bearing swaging, roller swaging, bearing staking, anvil staking, ball staking, proof-loading and testing.

  • Bushing installation, sizing, press-fit and shrink fit.

  • Lee plug installation.

  • Helicoil & Kato inserts, Keensert, Rosan Fittings and threaded fastener installation.

  • Riveting (cherry max, cherry lock, blind rivets).

  • Mechanical and sub-assemblies (nutplates, huckbolts, lockbolts, clinch nuts, Hi-Lok, Hi-Shear).

  • Lanyards and lockwire/safety wire assemblies.

  • Fatigue Technologies – Cold work.

  • Ground stud installation, torquing and electrical bond testing.

  • Certified Clickbond installation and testing to CBPS206 & CBPS207 plus LMA-PK004.

  • Certified Fatigue FleXmate Expanded Fitting installation to FTI specification plus LMA-PB037.

  • Primers, Sealant, Loctite, Silicone and Adhesive sealing to all Aerospace Specifications.

Our Quality Promise

The successful operation of the American Precision Quality System relies upon the involvement of personnel at all levels. Management and associates, as a team, will make every effort to ensure full customer satisfaction. American Precision takes pride in being AS9100 Certified and equipped with the latest automated equipment, completely computerized documentation, and process control along with a highly trained and skilled workforce.

It is American Precision’s intent to meet and exceed the needs of every customer’s requirements, from the highest standard of quality through delivery.


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