Bushings and Bearings

At American Precision Assembly and Custom Tooling, Bearing and Bushing Installation is our specialty. For more than 20 years we have employed a professional staff of technicians who have passed down their abilities through this family business. Having maintained a 99% quality rating for more than 20 years has kept American Precision as the industry leader in bearing and bushing installation.

Here are is a list of work we do in regards to bearing and bushing installation:

  • bearing swaging

  • roller swaging

  • bearing staking

  • ball staking

  • anvil staking

  • chisel staking

  • v-groove staking

  • proof-loading and testing

  • bushing sizing

  • press fit

  • shrink fit

American Precision specializes in various methods of bearing installation. Methods include bearing swaging, roller swaging, anvil swaging, bearing staking, anvil staking, and chisel staking. We also perform proof load testing to various Aerospace, Military and Commercial specifications.